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Home - Home page of Haupt Germany Tours. Affordable tours to Germany and Austria.

About HGT - Learn more about Haupt Germany Tours and Ray Haupt.

How It Works - An introduction to our tours including sections for learning about germany and history topics we cover while touring, as well as information for the various groups we cater to, lodging, food and entertainment you can expect while touring Germany. Information about flight tickets, on-the-ground expenses, as well as payments and cancellations are also covered here.

Testimonials - Hear from students, engineers, company presidents and more about our great tours to Germany!

Photos - A photo gallery displaying lodging and travel photos, images from Germany & Austria and more.

Contact Us - Names, addresses and phone numbers of those to contact for questions regarding your next Haupt Germany Tour.

Spring Tours - Our Spring tour itinerary, including our Spring Bavaria on a Budget, 5-day tour.

Summer Tours - Our Summer tour itinerary, including the Summer Bavaria on a Budget, 5-day tour.

Oktoberfest - Join us at the world's largest folk festival with 6 million visitors per year.

Christmas Tour - Experience the beauty of Germany at Christmas.

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